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AC2020 Preparation for Delegates

All delegates are strongly encouraged to prepare for Annual Conference by viewing the key video reports below and reading other reports and documents found in the Pre-Conference Packet and the Registration Packet. Using the email submission buttons below, delegates are encouraged to submit any questions about reports and other matters in advance of Annual Conference to help reduce the amount of time delegates must spend in session together.

Conference Materials

The conference is not printing and mailing hard-copy versions of the AC2020 Pre-Conference Packet and the AC2020 Registration Packet. Delegates are encouraged to bring a portable device (smartphone, tablet, laptop) to Annual Conference to view them, or print them out and bring them. Delegates who don’t want to use a portable device but would like to reduce the amount of printing can print the “Action Items Report,” which includes only documents that deal with matters on which the Annual Conference will vote.

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