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Betty Stalnaker
803-786-9486, Ext. 309
4908 Colonial Drive., Columbia, SC 29203

2020 Christmas Resources

2020 Christmas Musicals

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The Resource Center provides videotapes, DVDs and choral music to enhance the ministry of the churches in the South Carolina Conference. Resources are available for borrowing on a wide range of topics, including Bible study, parenting, confirmation, church history, mission and ministry, leadership, spiritual growth, stewardship, United Methodists, world religions, worship, youth, children and more. The music library provides seasonal musicals, praise and worship collections, and anthems. Located in The United Methodist Center in Columbia, The Resource Center is available to clergy, chairpersons, Sunday school teachers, youth directors, music directors and any group in your church that needs additional resources for ministry.


Resources are available to all local churches and institutions of the South Carolina Conference. The use of resources by other denominations can be arranged with the librarian. Membership entitles the church, charge, district office or institution to unlimited usage of resources for one year. Fees are as follows:

  • New Membership (United Methodist): $45
  • Renewals: $35
  • Membership (other denominations): Contact The Resource Center

Membership begins in the month you join. Make checks payable to The Resource Center.

Ordering Information

Orders should be placed well in advance (at least two weeks) to help ensure you receive your resources on the chosen date. Postage for sending resources to the user is paid by The Resource Center at the mailed library rate. If special services are required (first class, priority, etc.) the user will be responsible for charges. Please include your name, church name and address, telephone number, resource title, the show date, and alternate titles and dates whenever possible. Orders may be placed:


  • All resources are to be returned on the first business day after the show date by the U.S. Postal Service library rate.
  • Check to see that all parts (guides, booklets, etc.) are enclosed with the resource when returned.
  • Do not keep any resources for additional use without authorization.
  • Failure to return promptly may deprive another group of the opportunity of receiving the resource on schedule and cost your church an overdue fee.

Legal Information