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South Carolina United Methodist Volunteers in Mission

James Smith, chairperson


To provide opportunities for South Carolinians to get personally involved in short-term mission projects at home and abroad. Services include construction, medical care, education, agriculture, early response to disasters, long-term recovery teams and supportive services.

Age Requirements

UMVIM-SC supports the idea of families doing mission work together and recognizes the value of these experiences. However, travel in developing countries can be hazardous as well as unpredictable. Children are likely to see and experience things that are frightening to them, such as persons with weapons, political demonstrations and unexpected public behaviors. Health issues include lack of competent medical care and unreliable water sources that likely harbor bacteria and potential parasites.

Therefore, UMVIM-SC recommends a minimum age of 16 for team members. That said, we realize a parent’s right supersedes any policy we may establish and the parent then assumes all responsibility. The final decision regarding team members will always rest with the team leader. A team leader can bring any issue to the UMVIM-SC group for consideration. (Approved by UMVIM Core Committee and General Body UMVIM-SC, Feb. 5, 2013.)

UMVIM-SC Team Leader Training

Anyone interested in becoming an UMVIM-SC team leader should email the Rev. Cynthia Taylor at

Team Leader Requirements
  • Experience on a domestic team and the recommendation of your team leader
  • Experience on an international team and the recommendation of your team leader
  • Successful completion of team leader training
  • Endorsement of the UMVIM-SC Core Committee

Speakers Bureau

If you would like someone to visit your church or group to speak about UMVIM-SC, email James Smith at