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At the end of 2013, GCFA reported that more than $8,000 had been donated to UMCOR through the Staples Advantage® Program. As of September, 2014, a donation of $16,722 is being donated to UMCOR. The program, designed for United Methodists, enables members of the Church to purchase items from Staples at reduced prices. Churches and individuals receive savings through online and in-store shopping on many items frequently used by churches throughout the connection. A percentage of that donation is given to UMCOR – the agency in the ministry of providing relief during natural and other disasters around the world.

The program, launched in 2012, gives a 1% rebate on all sales generated through purchases by churches and United Methodist groups who sign up for the free Staples Advantage® program. The donation is made to UMCOR, the United Methodist relief agency dedicated to eliminating human suffering throughout the world. 

Moses Kumar, General Secretary of GCFA said “we are very excited that this program is aiding UMCOR in its mission. GCFA is committed to finding ways local churches, individual church members, annual conferences and others can explore ways to increase funds to their ministries and less on the business of running church. Thank you for your support of UMCOR through your use of the Staples Advantage® Program.”

Thomas Kemper, General Secretary of the General Board of Global Ministries (GBGM) said, “We are grateful that our Church’s General Council on Finance and Administration has designated UMCOR as the recipient of the Staples rebate for purchases made by United Methodist organizations. We also thank the local churches and other denominational institutions whose buying power have made the donation possible, and we thank Staples for providing the rebate arrangement. Sixteen thousand dollars in unexpected income means that UMCOR can assist more refugees fleeing terror in Iraq and Syria, do more in the fight against Ebola in West Africa, and respond more quickly when hurricanes and tornadoes strike in the United States.”

United Methodist churches and related organizations can participate in the program by visiting, completing an online form, and being put in touch with a representative to answer questions and facilitate use of the program.

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