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Aldersgate Special Needs Ministry – born at the 2003 South Carolina Annual Conference – provides homes for adults with developmental disabilities. Residents are encouraged to be as independent as possible and are cared for by trained staff in a Christian environment.

This year, Aldersgate Special Needs Sunday is scheduled for Aug. 9 in the South Carolina Conference. Please consider a special offering on this day or choose another Sunday that works for your church. Aldersgate does not receive funds from apportionments and depends on contributions from churches, groups and individuals.

“We realize worship will look different this August, and we hope the options below will allow your congregation to support Aldersgate in a safe manner,” said Elaine G. Mathis, Aldersgate’s executive director. “The COVID-19 crisis has been hard on our residents who are used to being active in the community. We ask for your continued prayers and support during this especially challenging year.”


Ways to plan and participate

  • Place an announcement in your church newsletter and promote on social media. Example.
  • Safely share flyers and envelopes by placing them at the rear of the sanctuary beside an offering basket.
  • Show a short video about Aldersgate before collecting an offering.
  • Read Xavier’s story to the congregation before collecting an offering.
  • Remind the congregation they may give online at
  • If your church accepts online giving, consider an online collection with donations designated to Aldersgate.

Ready to support Aldersgate?

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