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Greenwood District Leadership Training 2024


Lowell St. UMC
300 Lowell St., Greenwood SC 29646

2:30 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. – Registration
3:00 p.m. – 5:30 p m. – Training sessions
Plenary Session:
 Rekindling Our Passion for Lay/Clergy Partnership. Presenter: Rev. Dr. Stephen L. Love, District Superintendent. This session will be an overview and a continuation of dialogue begun during Bishop Holston’s visit to the Greenwood District back in November.
Breakout Sessions
Rekindling Our Passion for Connectional Ministry – Staff-Pastor Relations Committee: Presenter: Rev. Dr. Stephen L. Love, District Superintendent. This session will be a dialogue on playing a pivotal role in establishing the focus of the pastor, staff, and congregation’s ministry. By advocating for the pastor and staff and helping to interpret their roles and ministries, the S/PPRC supports and nurtures the whole congregation. (Description from Guidelines – PPRC from the General Board of Discipleship)
Rekindling Our Passion for Leadership and Spiritual Development – Laity in Leadership: Presenter: David Salter, Assistant Director, Lay Servant Ministries. This session will explore the many opportunities for the laity to serve in the local church and beyond, which includes an informative description of the role of Lay Leaders, Lay Members to Annual Conference, Lay Servant Ministry, Certified Lay Ministers, and Lay Speakers. This session will also benefit clergy by helping them develop a better understanding of each role of the laity.
Rekindling Our Passion for Management and Guiding the Church – Church Administration. Presenter: Rev. Robert Cox. This session will guide Church Council Chairpersons and members on effective ways to lead the church. Trustees will gain new insights into insurance and church trust funds.
Rekindling Our Passion for Reconnecting Our Servant Ministry with Our Community – Introduction to Disciple Makers: Presenter: Tony Watson, District Lay Leader. This session will present a new district ministry that will guide churches in reconnecting with their neighbors and the broader community.
Rekindling Our Passion for Supporting the Church’s Mission through Faithful Giving:  Presenter: Rev. Jim Arant, Congregational Specialist. This session will look at the Finance Committee’ responsibility for financial support for the church’s ministries; stewardship of what God provides; and maintaining accurate records.