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Greenwood District Congregational Development

Churches in the Greenwood District are encouraged to apply for grant funds from the Greenwood District Committee on Congregational Development. These funds are to assist local churches in fulfilling their mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. Typically, the Committee seeks to allocate funds in the areas of new ministries, leadership development, and capital improvements. Grant requests that target facility repair and maintenance are considered, but primary consider is given to churches where:

  • Funds are being sought for ministry initiatives addressing new and innovative efforts.
  • A defined mission and strategy is in place to reach¬† new people and intentionally make disciples. Please include a copy of the church’s Strategic Ministry Plan.
  • The application articulates how the money requested fits within the church’s mission and vision strategies for church growth in its particular context.
  • Factors are in place the support continued growth and/or growth potential, including geographic location, surrounds population trends, and church resources and culture.

We ask that churches submitting applications:

  • Notify the District Office and District Committee of the intent to submit an application. Please use the Letter of Intent template and submit to the District Office no later than 30 days prior¬†to the grant submission deadline.
  • Consult with the Chair of the District Committee prior to completion of the application to ensure complete understanding of the application process.
  • Complete all sections of the application and include any relevant supporting information and submit the completed application to the District Office.
  • Have several representatives available to meet with the District Committee to discuss the application, if so requested by the District Committee.


You should print a blank application form for the purpose of taking notes, but the application must be completed electronically and submitted, with any supporting documentation, via mail (PO Box 49968, Greenwood SC 29649). The grant must be postmarked by the submission deadline. Any application received after the deadline will be held and considered for the next round of funding.

You must download the blank grant application to your computer BEFORE you complete it electronically.

Click here to download a copy of the grant application.

Click here to download a copy of the Letter of Intent.

Click here for a short training video on accessing and preparing a QuickInsite report for use in planning ministry and including with the grant application. The Passcode for this video is #q0L==c&

For questions or assistance with the grant application or obtaining a MissionInsite report, contact the Greenwood District Office ( or 864-223-2650) and Martha will be available to help.