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please contact the Office of Clergy Services at
803-786-9486, Ext. 328, or

District Committees on Ministry

DS Specific Forms

  1. Application for Clergy Conference Relationship (F105)
  2. Candidacy Enrollment Request
  3. Certificate of Membership Transfer
  4. Pension/Benefits Clergy Change Report
  5. Lay Supply & Covenant
  6. New Supply Packet
  7. Maternity/Paternity Leave Request
  8. OE/OF Transfer Request Approval (DS)
  9. Provisional Member Report (DS)

dCOM Action & Observation Reports

  1. Certifying a Candidate
  2. Continuation of a Certified Candidate
  3. Local Pastor/Approved to be Appointed Continuation
  4. Provisional-Associate Membership Actions
  5. Provisional Member Observation Report
  6. OE/OF Continuation
  7. OE/OF Transfer
  8. Reinstatement
  9. Certified Lay Minister (New Certification)
  10. Certified Lay Minister (Recertification)
  11. Lay Supply Annual Interview 

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