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If you need any assistance with these forms,
please contact the Office of Clergy Services at
803-786-9486, Ext. 328, or

Supply Packet

Instructions, and Important Information

Submit a copy of all Completed Forms and Requested documents to the Office of Clergy Services and a copy to your district office: Clergy Services, 4908 Colonial Drive, Columbia, SC 29203 (

All completed forms and requested documents should be submitted prior to beginning the work and ministry of a Pulpit Supply in a local church.

Required Forms

Some forms have two completion options from which to choose.  You only need to complete a form using one of the available options.

    1. Downloadable PDFs should be saved to your computer before completing. Once the document is complete send copies to the offices mentioned above.
    2. Online Submittal documents can be completed online, electronically signed and automatically submitted to the Office of Clergy Services. You will still need to download a copy for your records and send one to your District Office
  1. Biographical Information Form (Form 102)
  2. Criminal Background Statement
  3. Credit Statement
  4. Supply Covenant
  5. Vestment Guide (for information)
  6. Statement on Sacramental Authority
  1. (Online Submittal)
  3. (Online Submittal) 




Additional Documention & Actions

1. Complete the Credit & Criminal Background Screening. (After you submit your Notarized Criminal Background Statement, an email invitation will be sent with a link for you to complete a Credit Check & Criminal Background Screening. The cost will be $20.00 and will be paid by you online.)

2. You must enroll in and complete the Keeping Our Sacred Trust: Understanding Clergy Sexual Ethics workshop online using the following link ( There is a cost of $49.00 for this online course and the participants receive .05 CEU and the certificate of completion can be electronically emailed directly to

What Happens Next…

Once all the required forms listed above, and the additional required actions/documentation have been submitted to the Office of Clergy Services the district office will be notified of your availability to be used as a Supply.

You will receive a Conference Email address if you do not already have one.  Set up instructions will be sent to you.  It is expected that you will utilize your conference email for all conference/church related matters.  The district and conference offices will only contact you using your conference email moving forward.


You will need to attend the New Supply Orientation. It is generally held in May.  If your time as a Supply begins mid-year, you will need to attend the next offered New Supply Orientation.