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Notarized Statements, Criminal & Credit Background Checks

Any one seeking 1)Certification as a Candidate for Licensed/Ordained Ministry, 2)Provisional Conference Membership, 3)Full Conference Membership, 4)to serve United Methodist Congregations as clergy from other Methodist Denominations, 5)to serve United Methodist Congregations as clergy from Other Christian Denominations, or 6) to be Reinstated or Readmission  to any of the afore mentioned categories The Book of Discipline requires

  • a Criminal Background Check
  • a Credit Checks
  • a notarized statement detailing any convictions for felony, misdemeanor or written accusations of sexual misconduct or child abuse.
  • or a notarized statements certifying that the person has neither been accused in writing nor convicted of a felony, misdemeanor, any incident of sexual misconduct, or child abuse.

The  The South Carolina Conference also requires the above on persons seeking to become a Certified Lay Minister or seeking to serve as a Lay Pulpit Supply.

Use the links below if you need to complete this process.

Notarized Criminal
Background Statement

Online Credit

Background & Credit
Check Payments

Select payment option A if you are completing the change of status checks

Conference Criminal Background Check Renewals

In 2007 the Annual Conference adopted a resolution that required every local church to develop and implement a Safe Sanctuaries Policy.  That same resolution directed that a conference Safe Sanctuary Policy be developed and applied to conference-wide events and concerns. The conference policy requires that all clergy have a criminal background check completed every three years.

The Office of Clergy Services oversees this requirement. In order to even out the work load, we conduct background checks on a third of our clergy each year, so that everyone under appointment will complete a new check every three years. Those who have been elected as full members, provisional members, or local pastors within the last two years will not be required to complete a new one until their prior background check is three years old. Those serving in extension ministries may complete this process or have their employment unit provide to this office a copy of the criminal background check completed within the last three years (the copy must come directly from the employer, not the clergy). Retired Clergy who may be appointed or serve in any capacity at the Local Church, District or Conference levels should also complete this process.

If you have been notified that your background check/screening has or is expiring please complete the form below and make your payment online using the link or follow the directions on the form and pay with a check.


Background & Credit
Check Payments

Select payment option B if you are only completing the renewal of your background check/screening.

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