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As Christians and United Methodists, we know that prayer is a powerful way to maintain our connection with our God and with each other. When we join together in prayer, we remember who we are and whose we are as disciples of Jesus Christ. We invite you to share your prayers with your fellow United Methodists – believing that God hears every word. Submit a written prayer.

Record a short prayer on your smartphone or other device and share it with us via direct message. Your video doesn’t have to be perfect, but be aware of your background and lighting. Record your prayer with a horizontal perspective (like the iPhone pictured above). Please keep it to 1 minute or less (anything longer is a challenge to share). When you send your prayer, please share at least your first name and the best way to contact you.


Submit video via
direct message at:

Submit video via
Google Drive or
other link at:

To make it as easy as possible for people to find resources to support spiritual health, The Upper Room is providing the May/June 2020 issue of The Upper Room magazine for download at no cost, along with four prayer resources that address specific needs. Download and share as needed.

The Nature and
Purpose of Prayer

A Blessing Exercise:
Praying For Others

Prayer Practices for
Children, Youth & Families