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This page contains information to help make your registration more efficient.  Below you will find details related to what information you’ll need to have ready as you begin, meals at Annual Conference, and the different registration status’. A link to actually register can be found at the bottom of this page.

What information will I need to register?

Enter your name precisely as you want it to appear on your name badge.

Mailing address:
Your badge will be mailed to the address you enter on the registration page.

Email address:
Updates before and during Annual Conference will be sent to the email address with which you register. Conference email addresses will be used for all clergy and persons assigned to congregations. If more than one member of a household is registering, please use separate email addresses, if possible.

What “status” do I use to register?

  • Church/Charge Elected Lay Members or Elected Alternate Lay Members attending in place of an Elected Lay Member should register as “Laity (from a Local Charge/Congregation).” You will be given the option of identifying yourself as a “Church Elected Lay Member” or a “ill need to know your district, church/charge name, church town, and pastor’s name. This information will be compared to the Charge Conference Lay Leadership (Nominations) report submitted at the previous charge conference to help verify your eligibility to serve as a Lay Member to Annual Conference.
  • The Conference Lay Leader, the President of the UMW or UMM, the Director of Lay Servant Ministries, Conference Leader (Laity).”
  • District Lay Leaders or Young Adult/Youth District Representatives 

  • Lay Directors of a Wesley Foundations, Diaconal Ministers, Active Deaconess’, Pulpit Supplies, Certified Lay Ministers, or persons approved to serve as Local Pastors but are not currently appointed should 

  • Full Clergy Members (Active & Retired Deacons), Provisional Members, Associate Members, Local Pastors (Full, Part-Time and Retired Under Appointment), Clergy from other United Methodist Conference serving in SC, and Clergy from other Denomination serving in SC should 
  • Members of the Media should 

  • All others should

Will meals be available at the Greenville Convention Center?

  • Optional meals will be available to purchase during Annual Conference.  Sunday Dinner and Lunches Monday through Wednesday. Meals will need to be pre-ordered when registering for Annual Conference.  Anyone that would like to purchase a meal must register individually, select, and purchase their meals.
  • Some Groups and Agencies are scheduling special gatherings which will include meals.  If your group usually meets during one of the above meals times you may need to check with them before ordering your meals.

Sunday Dinner $34 (6/9)

  • Grilled chicken breast with provolone cheese and
    black olive tapenade and sundried tomato cream sauce
  • Orzo pasta salad
  • Green beans
  • Rosemary roasted potatoes
  • Assorted rolls
  • Variety of cookies
  • Iced tea, water, and coffee

Monday Lunch $26 (6/10)

  • House smoked pork barbecue – Buns and condiments
  • Baked beans
  • Green beans
  • Salad with lettuce, grape tomatoes, cucumber  – ranch and Italian dressings
  • Banana pudding
  • Iced tea and water

Tuesday Lunch $26 (6/11)

  • Meat lasagna
    Gluten-free lasagna
  • Sauteed Italian squash
  • Salad with lettuce, grape tomatoes, cucumber  – ranch and Italian dressings
  • Cookies
  • Iced tea and water

Wednesday Lunch $26 (6/12)

  • Boxed lunch
    Cobb salad with grilled chicken, peppered bacon,
    cheddar cheese, hard boiled egg, tomatoes, cucumbers  – ranch and balsamic vinaigrette dressings
  • Crackers
  • Brownie
  • Bottle of water