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Bishop Jonathon Holston

Bishop Jonathon Holston

The video images of the officer-involved shootings in Louisiana and
Minnesota as well as the shooting of police officers in Dallas
will remain with us long after we have viewed them. Our newspapers and
computers are filled with the images of these vicious attacks. They
are deeply disturbing and painful to watch. As a people of faith
committed to social justice and opposed to gun violence and racism, we
grieve for the lives lost and destroyed by these acts of violence.
Even in the wake of the gun violence in Orlando, we come again to a
time to examine and set for ourselves specific goals. These goals
should be a faith statement of witness, advocacy and prayer.

Therefore, we are called to witness not only as faithful disciples but
to witness to the world the injustices we see and experience.
We are called to serve as advocates for our beliefs and in this
particular context to clearly be advocates opposed to racism in any
form and in firm opposition to gun violence.
We are called to pray. Prayer is powerful.
Let us all unite in prayer for these victims of racism and gun
violence and their families.

As followers of Christ. We have a sacred calling to lead our
communities in tearing down the walls that divide us and to engage in
ministries of reconciliation. Let us continue to pray and be committed
to the hard work of peacemaking in our communities.

This is my prayer for the people of Louisiana, for the people of
Minnesota, for the people of Dallas and for the people of our nation
and world.

Grace and Peace,

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