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Bishop L. Jonathan Holston, resident bishop of the South Carolina Conference of The United Methodist Church, released this statement following the adjournment of the postponed 2020 General Conference:

My friends, it was good to be together as United Methodists from around the world after the many delays over these recent years. We have experienced in this place how the strength of our connection is found in our relationships with one another.

Throughout the weeks of legislative committee work and plenary debate, many persons were able to make their voices heard as decisions were made about our future as a denomination.

It is abundantly clear that we are not all of one mind on many things, but the tone and tenor of the dialogue was one of care, concern, compassion, and our shared commitment to faith in Jesus Christ as we seek to be who God is calling us to be.

While the work of this General Conference is now complete, the scope and impact are yet to be fully unpacked and processed, especially on matters pertaining to human sexuality.

The conversation will certainly continue in the weeks and months to come. We look forward to the members of our South Carolina delegation sharing more with you upon our return from Charlotte.

Thank you again for your prayers and support during this time of discernment, debate and decision-making. Thinking back to the Episcopal Address that I had the honor of delivering at the opening of this General Conference, I find the questions I asked you still apply:

Are you ready to live in the light of God’s victory already won in Christ?

Are you ready to love your neighbor?

Are you ready for joyful obedience?

Are you ready to be freed?

Are you ready to be the people that God needs for us to be?

Then let’s go. Let’s move forward together in mission and ministry. Let’s continue to live into God’s purpose for the people called Methodist in South Carolina.

Grace and peace,

L. Jonathan Holston
Resident Bishop
South Carolina Conference of The United Methodist Church

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