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“Come, Follow Me”

Sermon Series | Discussion Guide

Christian discipleship is a lifelong journey of going wider and deeper. We move wider by our ministry and service. We move deeper by our study and learning.

“Come, Follow Me” – a seven-part sermon series with an accompanying adult discussion guide – offers an opportunity to delve into Christian discipleship by looking at stages of growth in Simon Peter.

The sermon series and discussion guide both begin with Jesus’ invitation to Peter, then explore a number of events in Peter’s life as a disciple of Christ. The guide offers adult groups guidance for those episodes in the life of Peter. Each session includes a spiritual practice that is intended to move us deeper and wider in our discipleship.

Two groups of clergy from the South Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church worked to develop these materials. Their efforts sprang from a discussion of these questions:

  • “How do we help churches think about discipleship instead of membership?”
  • “When and where do we talk about moving from member to disciple?”

Events in the life of Peter became a model for what it means to follow Jesus as a disciple. These materials are not designed to be a biography of Peter, but a way to see the formation and maturing of a disciple.

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“Come, Follow Me” sermon series

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