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The dangerous storms that swept across South Carolina overnight and this morning left behind damage that is still being calculated.

Early Response Teams from the South Carolina Conference have received reports of damage in multiple areas and are continuing to assess areas and needs. Some of our ERT teams already have begun responding and will continue to evaluate how we best move forward.

We know that in times like this, people of faith feel the need to help their congregations and communities.

Before you take action,
please remember:

  • In the immediate aftermath of a storm, only emergency personnel are allowed into many affected areas. Please do not try to respond until state and local officials indicate that it is safe to do so. Rushing in can put you in harm’s way and endanger first responders, as well. For example, stay away from trees that have fallen across power lines. Only professional emergency personnel should deal with these dangerous situations.
  • Our Early Response Teams have special credentials that allow them to enter affected areas before the general public has access. These teams work in coordination with county Emergency Management officials and local disaster response groups. They are activated as soon as it is necessary and safe.
  • We are still dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. Please observe social distancing guidelines and stay as far away as possible from other persons.
  • Once it has been determined it is safe for you to do so, assess any damage at your church and home and in your community. Check on members of your congregation, particularly the elderly and homebound – first by phone, text, email or other electronic means.

Report any damage to your
district superintendent
and to your
district disaster response coordinator.

Please stay safe and help where you can.

If you have questions, please contact Matt Brodie, conference disaster response coordinator, at or 803-546-1513.

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