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As the churches of the South Carolina Conference are living in unprecedented times, the Congregational Development Team seeks to offer practical and timely support to help them stay connected with their communities and congregations while social distancing measures are a necessity.

Congregational Development is providing micro matching grants to help offset expenses related to launching and sustaining online worship services and presence (examples: equipment, software licenses, etc.).

If the total start-up investment needed is $450 and the church or charge invests $225, a grant of $225 could be awarded. If the total start-up investment needed is $1,000 or more and the church/charge invests $500 or more, a grant of $500 could be awarded.

Grant application deadline: July 31, 2020.

Click here to apply.

Applications must be submitted by email to and copied to your pastor, Church Council chairperson and lay leader. Priority will be given to churches
with a history of faithful payment of apportionments.

Contributions from churches and or individuals who would like to support this grant would be greatly appreciated. Please email for more information.

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