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The “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” passed by Congress in 2017 added new tax provisions that apply to churches and other non-profit organizations that are otherwise exempt from income tax.

One such provision: A tax on the amount a church or a church-related organization spends to provide parking to its employees.


The United Methodist Church’s General Council on Finance and Administration – through its Legal Services Department – has issued an opinion regarding recent guidance offered by the Internal Revenue Service related to calculating unrelated business income.

“The GCFA opinion is designed to help local churches understand the provisions of the new tax law,” said Beth Westbury, treasurer and administrative services director of the South Carolina Conference. “Church leaders wanting more information may contact the Conference Treasurer’s Office, but they should consult with their own legal and tax advisers for specific advice on their church’s situation.”


GCFA’s opinion on parking lot taxes

IRS guidance on parking lot taxes

Contact the Conference Treasurer’s Office


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