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Bishop L. Jonathan Holston, resident bishop of the South Carolina Conference of The United Methodist Church, released this statement regarding the June 25, 2022, statement from the Council of Bishops regarding the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision overturning Roe v. Wade:

My friends, on Friday, the United States Supreme Court issued a decision in Dobbs v. Jackson that overturned its previous Roe v. Wade decision – a precedent that had been in place for the past 50 years.

After prayerful consideration, the Council of Bishops of The United Methodist Church has issued a statement lamenting the decision, saying that it “serves to create a further divide between persons of privilege who have the means to seek necessary health care and those who lack this privilege due to their current economic condition, their disproportionately affected lives, or the color of their skin.”

I join my fellow bishops in asking you to join us in reflection, prayer and action as we stand in the gap with intercession, advocacy, support and grace for such a time as this.

Our society presents us with seemingly countless occasions for discord and division. Without dismissing deeply held beliefs by sincere people of faith from all perspectives, I ask all South Carolina United Methodists to look instead for opportunities to make genuine connections with those with whom we disagree.

Let us build bridges of understanding and stand together in prayer and ministry to ensure that we don’t lose focus on our mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ – trusting, believing and knowing that God is with us.

Grace and peace,

L. Jonathan Holston
Resident Bishop
South Carolina Conference of The United Methodist Church

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