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The Music Program Director for the Church of the Palms, Okatie, SC leads the church’s music program and has responsibility for directing the choir, coordinating the music for the various services including handbells and chimes. The Music Director will work closely with the pastor and accompanist in coordinating music for the services as well as for special programs such as the Christmas and Easter Cantatas, Holy Week programs, and Hymn Sing held annually each year.


  • To lead people of all ages in the congregation in music-making experiences so that they may grow in understanding the Christian faith and music’s role in that faith
  • To inspire the congregation through music
  • To create beautiful music that evokes the Holy Spirit
  • To lead a music program that encourages participation
  • To faithfully nurture the love of music within our congregation
  • To challenge our choir members and teach them the skills to succeed
  • To broaden our music program for our congregation
  • To align all aspects of our music ministry with our sermons, scriptures and mission


  • Direct the Chancel Choir in weekly rehearsals 
  • Direct the adult handbell and chimes choir
  • Supervise any volunteer or paid soloists and musicians
  • Provide leadership in the publicizing of any church musical events
  • Manage the recruitment and encouragement of choir members, soloists and instrumentalists
  • Submit the financial needs of the church’s music ministry to the appropriate church committee
  • Provide guidance in the use of hymns, service music, soloists and musicians for Sundays and special services as a member of the Worship Committee
  • Make recommendations, as needed, to the COTP pastor, SPRC Worship Committee and Church Council on matters that would strengthen the worship ministry of the Church
  • Work in support of other ministry areas, on an as-needed basis to plan, prepare and/or provide special music (e.g. special church events, children/adult ministry events)
  • Meet on a regular basis with our Pastor to coordinate the music with the service lectionary • Participate in the selection of an Accompanist

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Experience in managing multiple programs
  • People skills with an ability to inspire volunteers
  • A Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in music education and/or equivalent experience
  • Three years of music leadership experience
  • Choral piano skills a plus

Core Competencies:

  • Interpersonal skills:  Demonstrates the ability to lead others; demonstrates the skills of active listening and openly accepts constructive criticism; productively engages and resolves interpersonal conflicts; holds others accountable in a spirit of love; engages diverse groups positively with an optimism and is welcoming to all
  • Team Building Skills:  Guides choir members and musicians in the process of sharing best practices in order to identify and solve common problems; works with church leaders to regularly assess the health of teams and musical groups; recognizes dysfunctional team behavior and redirects it to functional behavior; and creates and communicates vision, direction and goals for the team.
  • Spiritual Maturity:  Has a robust Christian faith that models faithful practices; exhibits humility, teachability, accountability and leadership; demonstrates an understanding of 

Christian principles and the scriptures as well as familiarity with Christian music in a variety of styles; and ability to suggest appropriate hymns based on the church season, sermon themes, position in the services and other factors.

  • Influencing Others:  Encourages others to cooperate and participate; provides resources that support sound decision-making; encourages respect for others and generates energy, passion and commitment to the music program; and creates a comfortable atmosphere that is inviting to others.

If interested in this position, please contact Dan Collins, Chairperson of COTP Staff Parish Relations. 1-843-379-1888

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