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The leader of Homes of Hope has penned a thank-you letter to all South Carolina United Methodists for their donation of more than $165,000 to help build six homes for low-income families in the Greenville area.

Don Oglesby is president and chief executive officer of the non-profit organization that rebuilds communities and individual lives through housing, economic development and job training.

“Families earning incomes at the poverty level are faced with almost no options for affordability in their housing, nor asset growth – and usually also lack energy efficiency with the accompanying cost savings realized there,” Oglesby wrote.

“These barriers are extremely difficult to overcome. Your funds will equip them with the opportunities for all of the above!”

Along with Bishop L. Jonathan Holston and Greenville District Superintendent George Howle, Oglesby singled out four pastors for special thanks:

“Thank you all so much,” Oglesby wrote. “I promise that you have sown into good, fertile soil, and together we will watch God produce a great harvest!”

Click here to read the complete letter.


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