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Churches across our denomination are beginning to rethink how we “do church.” In particular, that question prompts us to consider how and why it is important to engage our community. We are beginning to realize it is not enough to focus all of our attention inward but to make disciples requires us to look outward as well.

The Spartanburg District is proud to offer a day of training designed to offer church leaders insight into how to more effectively engage their community. “Equipping Congregations for Engaging Your Community” will take place from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, April 13, at New Beginnings UMC, in Boiling Springs, SC. Check-in begins at 9:30 a.m.

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Online registration is required and the cost for the event is $10 per person, which includes lunch from Chick-fil-A.


Engaging Your Community Through Partnerships

This session shares a process for creating fruitful partnerships between churches, agencies, and community by identifying the needs; assessing the required resources, and engaging potential partners. (Led by Rev. Cathy Mitchell)

Engaging Your Community Through Events

Have you taken a good look at your community lately? It may be different than you remembered. Changes happen so fast that it is easy to miss the opening or closing of a store or a new neighbor that moved in down the street. When you take time to know your community and its people, you can plan the best way to make sure your church is welcomed and is a welcoming place. In this session, you will find out how to plan events that engage the people who live, work, and play in the area around your church. (Led by Rev. Brian Gilmer)

Engaging Schools In Your Community

This session takes a look at how churches can make a difference in the lives of children and the schools in your community. With little to no resources, you and your church can share the love and grace of God with the children and staff of your local schools. During this session, you can learn how to be the light of Christ inside of the schools in your community,  no matter the size of your congregation. (Led by Rev. Andrew Sizemore)

Engaging Young People

If you are like many churches, when you look around on Sunday morning, there are few, if any, young people in the pews. This session will help you gain a clearer understanding of what young people are looking for from a church home and offer opportunities to brainstorm how your church could become more attractive to them. (Led by Chris Lynch)

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