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Job Title: Director of Families and Programs (D of FP)

Job Type: Full-time with regular office hours, including every Sunday

Reports To: Senior Pastor

Core Values:

  • Must joyfully display God’s inclusive love for all
  • Must be dedicated to Christ and the United Methodist Church
  • Must be compassionate and empathetic
  • Must be a team player with energy, enthusiasm and initiative
  • Must show professionalism at all times


  • Must have previous education/training (Master’s or BA required)
  • Must have extensive experience in developing and managing ministry programming
  • Not an entry-level position

Position Description

This role is a mission-critical role for our growing church. The Director of Families and Programs is responsible for developing, planning, coordinating and implementing all the ministries that impact Christian growth, and development of the individual members, families and visitors to the church.

The successful candidate will need to bring a track record of leading teams through the development and execution of learning plans that range from converting unchurched or marginally churched to the heart of becoming passionate disciples of Christ. The candidate will need to be able to balance leadership and execution responsibilities in a resource-constrained environment utilizing and tapping into the strengths of the congregation through maximizing volunteer activities. As a key central player, effective communication and coordination with staff, church administration, and the congregation is critical. The ability to effectively convey your experience in similar activities and roles will be critical in the selection process.

General Responsibilities

  • Execute the annual ministry plan by supervising responsible staff and personally executing, when necessary, the components of the annual plan
  • Coordinate the Family and Programs ministry with all other ministry areas of the church (Worship and Missions) to avoid conflicts and duplication in programs and schedules
  • Ensure all programs are always properly supplied and staffed
  • Provide regular support and encouragement for all staff and volunteers
  • Establish and develop relationships with church members through visitation and outreach
  • Establish connectional relationships with other United Methodist churches
  • Lead an annual planning session with appropriate staff and volunteers to create a thoughtfully conceived and fully documented program of ministry (ministry plan) for all ages (birth to seniors) to be implemented for a year
    • Create and publish an annual comprehensive programming calendar
    • Work with staff and volunteers to create annual and quarterly goals for each ministry area
  • Provide financial oversight, including overseeing the creation of annual budgets, reviewing monthly budget reports and approving budget change requests
  • Hold weekly meetings with staff to address ministry and programming needs, concerns, victories, and issues to ensure effective communication with all ministry areas
  • Maintain programming plan and meeting records in an organized fashion so that staff and volunteers can refer to them for support and guidance.
  • Attend staff and individual meetings as arranged by the Senior Pastor
  • Participate in the recruitment and hire of all paid staff under the supervision of the D of FP
  • Participate in the training and support of all paid staff and volunteers under the supervision of the D of FP
  • Prepare and submit to the Senior Minister a quarterly progress report outlining and evaluating progress made and goals obtained for the previous quarter; additionally, address challenges to obtaining goals and rationales if goals evolve
  • Conduct an annual membership survey to understand programming and ministry needs and wishes of the congregation
  • Implement, execute and monitor a plan to promote and advertise all aspects of the church’s ministries and programs
  • Maintain attendance and check-in records as needed
  • Assist in worship services as requested by Senior Pastor
  • Implement and uphold policies that ensure a Safe Sanctuary, per United Methodist guidelines, to protect children and vulnerable adults from harm.
  • Cooperate fully with all church staff in carrying out the work and policies of the church
  • Additional duties as directed by Senior Pastor

Send resume and letter of interest to:

Rev. Susan Maddox
Highland Park United Methodist Church
1300 2nd Loop Rd.
Florence, SC 29505

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