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Washington Street United Methodist Church (WSUMC) is located in a central, creative, and progressive urban center in the city of Columbia, South Carolina.  The church offers a variety of programs, spiritual development, and service project opportunities for adults, young adults, children, and teens. 

The communications specialist is responsible for expanding current communication efforts, continuing to develop a formal and shared strategy, and designing best practices for all facets going forward. These responsibilities include the production of the bulletin, print media, social media, and e-blast accounts.


  • Maintaining and updating content of the church’s website and other social media outlets
  • Developing content for social media
  • Assisting with the development, design, and content of print media
  • Preparing and editing timely communications (weekly newsletter, e-mails, etc.) and church event announcements
  • Developing relationships and maintaining media contacts in the community
  • Monitoring and analyzing the impact of all communication efforts and recommending driving approaches to administration/church leaders based on what is learned from feedback and communication research of congregational members/staff (i.e.,what programs should start, stop, be kept, or be changed).
  • Developing and coordinating in-house communications for all staff information shared from ministers, the business administrator, and church leaders
  • Overseeing church-wide announcement strategies and tools for event enrollments
  • Initiating and maintaining practices to enlist participation for church events, missions, programs, classes, and services
  • Maintaining an accurate database of e-mail addresses for all church members and friends of the church, while maintaining traditional mailing lists for those who do not access e-mail
  • Meeting regularly with the Communications Committee, F.A.C.E. team leaders, and Church Council to review progress and discuss strategies; assisting with brainstorming strategies and incorporating effective communication for these necessary parties
  • Interfacing with the UMC District and Conference offices to integrate appropriate WSUMC content and updates into denominational communications streams
  • Collaborating with all missions and ministries and building/maintaining the most effective ways to promote each within the church as well as within the community
  • Establishing and maintaining active relationships with the secular, denominational, and interfaith media
  • Coordinating contacts between the congregation and community media
  • Developing and producing video/educational resources for internal and external ministry and outreach
  • Managing registrations for participation in ministry and missional activities


  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Ability to work independently and efficiently
  • Proficiency with MS Office, Adobe Creative Suite, social media platforms, and other associated technology
  • Ability to build relationships and show a commitment to the mission of the church.
  • Willingness to learn from church leadership and work groups.
  • Ability to establish communications with other church leaders in the community and discuss communication strategies, methods, and approaches
  • Initiative


While working conditions are normal for an office environment, church staff are sometimes included in evening meetings.


Please send your resume with an attached cover letter to Rev. Patricia Parrish at

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