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Bishop L. Jonathan Holston

Bishop L. Jonathan Holston and members of the Extended Cabinet worked Wednesday to help restore homes of families still trying to recover from Hurricane Matthew in 2016.

Rev. Cathy Jamieson

The second “Cabinet Work Day” of the year was designed not only to bring hope and recovery to storm survivors, but also to set an example for other volunteers.

“There’s so much still left to be done, and only you can help us do it,” Bishop Holston said, pleading directly to United Methodists across the South Carolina Annual Conference. “In South Carolina, we are people of faith. We are always seeking a more excellent way, and what better way than to help your neighbor?

Rev. Ken Nelson

“The most important part of who we are as United Methodists is our connectional system. We do more together than we could ever do by ourselves. Come and be a part of something wonderful that will help people put their lives back together.”

Amid the appropriate push to respond to those affected in South Carolina, Florida and Georgia by more recent hurricanes Florence and Michael, Bishop Holston said, we still must not forget that “families are hurting and still in need of assistance” two years after Hurricane Matthew.

Rev. Stephen Love

The Cabinet on Wednesday worked at three homes in Gadsden, Alcolu and Scranton. Under the guidance of experienced construction team leaders – Rev. Mike Evans, Rev. Fred Buchanan, Curtis Burnett and Ken Kreitz – they helped rebuild floors and walls, reinforce and waterproof roofs, among other repairs.

“We have been having a good time together, trying to help make someone else’s life better,” said the Rev. Steve Patterson, superintendent of the Anderson District. “And that makes us remember and focus on the things that are important around us.

Rev. Steve Patterson

“There’s always an opportunity to help someone else who’s going through something difficult. When we take that opportunity to share our time and skills – even though they may not be great carpentry skills – the effort makes a difference.”

The Rev. Stephen Love, superintendent of the Greenwood District, reinforced Bishop Holston’s call for volunteers.

“It’s not somebody else’s responsibility,” he said, “it’s our shared responsibility.”

Rev. Frederick Yebuah

The Rev. Frederick Yebuah, superintendent of the Orangeburg District, likened the effort to a call for stewardship, giving of time and service and gifts.

“We have to lean on each other, he said. “Whatever anyone can do can make a difference – trust me when I say that. Do not limit yourself by saying, ‘I can’t do this, I can’t do that.’

“Everybody’s presence and participation are needed.”

Ready to volunteer?

Call 803-726-3105 or email
to learn how you and your church can help.

Rev. Thomas Pearson

Rev. Sandra Stevens Poirel

Rev. Joe Long

Rev. Cathy Mitchell

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Rev. Tim Rogers

Rev. Kathy James

Rev. Mike Evans

Curtis Burnett


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