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Trak-1 Technology and the South Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church have teamed up to bring an exciting new solution to manage, share, train, screen and communicate with your volunteers and church family.  Trak-1 is a screening and volunteer management partner allowing organizations such as yours to be more effective within your community by simplifying your people processes.

Customized screening services and innovative technology is available at a savings to your church through the South Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church.

To take advantage of this new program and get started…

  • Click on the link below.  When prompted, enter the included authentication password:

URL:  https://www.new.trak-1.com/automatedsetup/autosignup.aspx?ID=0e493831-c732-4675-bfc9-eee2dca9c9bb

  •  Complete the provided online form with your information and submit the form to our system.

·         Online Training
·         Rapid, cost effective background screening
·         Custom email communication with your group
·         Volunteer driven screening option
·         Volunteer profile management
·         Custom reports
·         Event Management
·         Ability to share important information across all churches in the conference
·         And MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!

We look forward to working with you and are ready to assist you in connecting your church!

View Trak 1 Products and Pricing