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The Committee on Ethnic Local Church Concerns exists to provide resources and promote training for leaders, clergy and lay, for the mission of the local church in the areas of local church concerns. The goal is to create a shared vision, improve the effectiveness of ministry and participate in the development of practical ways of living out the faith in the church and the world.

Our Annual Conference responsibilities include the incorporation of the concerns of our ethnic local churches in the conference agenda, programs and budgets. We also assist in the implementation of the Conferences Comprehensive Plan for the development and strengthening of the ethnic local church by providing program support for various ethnic ministries and task forces. This includes the African-American, Asian, Hispanic, Native-American, and other constituencies. We also collaborate with Religion and Race, and the Office of Connectional Ministries

Our mission is to establish priorities in the areas that address local church concerns.

The Committee annually addresses emerging needs and visioning for the future. Specific program proposals with recommended priorities shall be developed and brought annually to the Office of Connectional Ministries for the purpose of developing Annual Conference.





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