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The Bennettsville-Cheraw Area Cooperative Ministry

The Bennettsville-Cheraw Area Cooperative Ministry (BCACM) is a specialized ministry of the South Carolina Conference that was established in 1966 to help facilitate the needs of persons living in Marlboro & Chesterfield counties of South Carolina in a shared ministry and vision. The churches that are affiliated with this ministry are Aaron Temple United Methodist Church, Bethel United Methodist Church, Ebenezer United Methodist Church, Level Green United Methodist Church, Mount Zion United Methodist Church, Shiloh United Methodist Church, Smyrna United Methodist Church, Saint Michael United Methodist Church, and Trinity United Methodist Church. The churches that are affiliated with the BCACM have a combined membership less than 2500. In the initial development of the BCACM, the churches had a vision that ministry could be enhanced through shared efforts. Thus, under the direction of the Sixty-Six Conference Board of Mission, and the leadership of Dr. John H. Graham, J.W. Curry, Jasper Smith, a team of conference ministers and a committee from the aforementioned churches, formed the BCACM.

The overall mission of the BCACM is to respond to the increasing call in our communities to continue to light the flame of hope by striving to build and sustain communities of character with youth, young adults, adults, and older adults who have high morality, integrity, and commitment to be leaders for the sake of the present and future generation.  The BCACM seeks to minister to the family by educating and nurturing the whole person—physically, spiritually, mentally, morally, and ethically.

BCACM aims to be a beacon of light in a dismal world.  We seek to spread HOPE for families in search of healing.  The opportunities in which we provide by the grace of God are to strengthen, educate, guide, and enhance the whole family—an individual, a couple, or a family.

As the BCACM , our agency embraces the tenets of the United Methodist Church of making disciples for the transformation of the world by coordinating and developing workshops and seminars to empower our laity and clergy.  The ministry continues to fulfill its mission by strengthening these churches in the areas of outreach, witness, service, Christian education, and leadership development.  Our programs and ministries focus on meeting the holistic needs of families.  We strive to meet these needs via weekly bible study, prayer, workshops and seminars, school enrichment by partnering with Blenheim Elementary & Middle School, Clio Elementary & Middle School, and Bennettsville Middle School.  In addition, we sponsor the Sacred Saturday (focusing on children & youth ages 5-11) and Tea Time with Teens (focusing on abstinence with 12-18 girls), VBS picnic and Back-to-School Bash, quarterly leadership trainings, health screenings, soup kitchen, food distribution, summer day camps, and flood buckets.

The BCACM also partners with the communities of Shalom to address inadequate home improvements, medical emergency, hunger and other social needs.

It is our belief that the BCACM is truly embodied in the principles and tenets of the connectional ministry of the South Carolina Conference and the United Methodist Church.

The Reverend Leatha Brown

Mailing address:
P.O. Box 397,
Bennettsville, SC 29512

Physical Address:
256 Tatum Highway
Tatum, SC 29594

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