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Jubilee Academy

Jubilee Academy is a faith-based organization, working to turn the hearts and lives of inner-city children, youth and families toward Christ and academic excellence.

Vision: At Jubilee Academy, we envision educated, productive citizens who have exchanged the bondage of welfare and poverty for freedom in Christ, in the hopes that these individuals will be the firm foundation for future generations, according to God’s word.

There is nothing more critical to a community’s long-term sustainability than a well-educated and well-adjusted child, for they are our future! Ensuring that all of the children of the Midlands receive the support they need to become well-adjusted, educated, productive members of the community will guarantee a bright future for both these children and the community at large.

Jubilee is committed to changing lives forever and breaking the cycle of generational poverty, which keeps these children from reaching their full potentials.

Executive Director
Sandra L. Hensley

P. O. Box 4476
Columbia, SC 29240


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