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Mission Interns

Hillary Taylor | Blog | Website | e-mail: fhtaylor@umcsc.org
Hillary Taylor is a native of Columbia, SC where she is a member of Shandon United Methodist Church.  She is a graduate of Furman University where she explored the calling to ministry through Furman Wesley Fellowship, FaithSERVE, and an Exploration of Vocational Ministry Program.  While at Furman, she attended Lee Road United Methodist Church, where they allowed her to grow in church leadership as she taught Sunday School and coordinated the Upstate Salkehatchie Camp.  “I love nothing better than fixing roofs in the middle of June in Piedmont, SC,” says Taylor about her Salkehatchie experiences.  Taylor acknowledges that the South Carolina Conference has been “integral to my formation both as a Christian and a missionary.”  She received great mentorship from many different preachers in the SC Conference as a youth. “They embodied Jesus’ teachings to me, helping me care for myself and others in ways that allow for communion with God and the world.”  Taylor will be serving as the Field Education and Ministry Coordinator for the Seth Mokitimi Methodist Seminary in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa during the first half of her term.  She will be working directly with seminarians as they reflect on their ministerial experiences in pastoral duties for hospitals, prisons, and non-profits helping with refugees, orphans, the elderly, the HIV+, and the disabled.  Taylor is so excited about the upcoming three years of service, and when asked what she is most excited about she says, “[There are] so many things to be excited about, but mostly, I’m excited to be able to listen to people who have more experience than I do.”

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Erica Oliveira | Blog | Website | e-mail oliveirae4@gmail.com

Erica Oliveira has lived in South Carolina for the past 11 years, and is a part of St. John’s United Methodist Church in Rock Hill, SC.  She attended Winthrop University where she fell in love with the Winthrop Wesley Foundation.  “I found the church I’d be longing for my whole life; it was a living, breathing, loving community of God.”  In her time at the Winthrop Wesley Foundation Erica says that it formed the “foundation” of her faith.  Through hundreds of hours of local, national, and international mission trips and service opportunities, she discerned a calling to mission.  When she found the young adult programs through Global Ministries, she knew that’s where she had to be.  “The marriage of faith and justice, its emphasis on cultural immersion, and it’s affiliation with the United Methodist Church is all it took for me to begin to fill out the application.”  Erica has a deep passion to love others through the love she has received through Christ, and is “super stoked” to be venturing out as a missionary.  Erica has been placed in L’viv, Ukraine working with a college ministry called, Youth to Jesus for the next year and a half.  She will be working directly with students, forming relationships with them as they journey through their college years.  She will be functioning mostly in their outreach program, helping to activate students in their communities for marginalized communities in L’viv.  Erica is, “so excited to see how college ministries function in L’viv and to journey with, learning from and teaching, the students at Youth to Jesus.”

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