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The Breath Prayer

One prayerful way to show up to God, or I call it to “stay tuned” to God is the breath prayer. It is an ancient form of prayer used over the centuries as a way to keep God in the forefront of our day. Reading the Bible may not be possible while driving or cooking or walking, a breath prayer is possible. Typically a breath prayer is around 5-7 syllables, a phrase that can be completed in the breathing in and out of one breath. This type of prayer is very personal and should be suited to your circumstances and needs for the day. For example, if you are feeling weak or tired your prayer could be, “Strengthen me, Lord Jesus.” Or if you are feeling unsettled or upset, “O God, Your peace.” Breath prayers can remind us of God’s nature, “Oh God, you are Holy” or “Lord Jesus, have mercy.” The practice of praying breath prayers continually throughout your day will focus your mind and heart on things eternal and help keep those things that pull us away from God’s presence at bay. Take a moment and compose a breath prayer for today. Write it down if necessary and try it for a week. May God’s peace surround you as you show up to God with a breath prayer.

Betty Kay Hudson

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