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“Now I lay me down to sleep,” “God is great,” and “God I pray for  Suzy.” are examples of prayers we all know. These prayers are familiar and comforting. But sometimes we feel a bit dissatisfied with our prayer life. Does it provide spiritual life and vitality? If not, simply expanding our boundaries of prayer might help. A prayer time and devotion in the morning and night are excellent ways to connect with our Creator.  But do our boundaries stop there? Can we pray at work, while walking in the autumn breeze, cleaning the sink, driving (eyes open please)?  Yes, praying as we go throughout our day is an excellent way to become aware of God’s abiding presence.  The Love and Provision of God is available at all times, not just when we bow our heads at night. Even when we do not think about God, God is thinking fondly of us. Today, try this exercise: extend your boundary of prayer to include praying at a time you don’t normally pray…at the gym, waiting in carpool, or cooking dinner. After a few days of “practicing” this exercise of prayer, you may find yourself praying without having to think about it. Now you can pray this prayer, “Thank you Holy Spirit!”

-Written by Betty Kay Hudson

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