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Prayer Walking

Do you like to walk? Do you like to pray? Why not put both of those activities together?

On our daily walks we often pass by our neighbor’s homes without a second glance or thought. Could we say a prayer for each family’s circumstances, provision, unity, love and salvation?

Prayer is a discipline and doesn’t always come easily. We remember to pray for those critical needs of our friends and family, but how easy it is to forget to pray for those we pass on the street, those we do not know, or the

families in the homes we walk by every day. “Prayer walking” or “praying as you go” is a wonderful prayer discipline that helps us minister to our community as well as increase the depth and fullness of our faith through being in constant communion with our Creator.

Prayer walking can become such a habit that we may find ourselves praying as we ride in the car, walk through the grocery store, or sit in the doctor’s office.

May you be strengthened in your resolve to include prayer walking as one of your daily activities.

-written by Betty Kay Hudson

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