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Spiritual Practices







As a Christian, our journey with God takes us through abundant, green fields and rocky, dry deserts. Our Lord, Jesus Christ, walked those same green meadows and rocky paths with great peace and inner joy. Jesus was the calm water in the churning sea. How did Jesus do it?

The Bible gives us many passages of Jesus pulling away from the crowds, even from his disciples and spending time with God. Communion with God was necessary in order for Jesus to minister, teach, and love those he met each day. Communion, time apart, prayer, solitude, and simplicity are all spiritual practices which will help us grow in love, patience, and spiritual maturity.



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Lectio Divina “Sacred Reading”

Lectio Divina, holy reading or divine reading, is a method of combining Scripture and prayer. By choosing a small portion of scripture, the reader concentrates on hearing what this Scripture is saying to him/her. Scripture is relevant to our lives today and Lectio Divina is a way to slow down, savor and meditate on the …

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Personalizing Scripture

So many times we read our Bible impersonally. But if you are seeking a personal experience in Scripture, try exchanging pronouns to personal ones. Try inserting the pronoun “me” for “us.”  Psalm 23 and the Lord’s Prayer are two good passages for this. But almost any Scripture will do. Below, I have personalized the Lord’s Prayer …

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Prayer Walking

Do you like to walk? Do you like to pray? Why not put both of those activities together? On our daily walks we often pass by our neighbor’s homes without a second glance or thought. Could we say a prayer for each family’s circumstances, provision, unity, love and salvation? Prayer is a discipline and doesn’t …

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“Now I lay me down to sleep,” “God is great,” and “God I pray for  Suzy.” are examples of prayers we all know. These prayers are familiar and comforting. But sometimes we feel a bit dissatisfied with our prayer life. Does it provide spiritual life and vitality? If not, simply expanding our boundaries of prayer might …

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What is the opposite of simplicity? If you answered “my life” then you may need to take another look at simplicity. We tend to think the days gone by were simpler and less complicated, but no matter the era or age, we can fill our day to overflowing with work, errands, and stuff. The key …

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The Breath Prayer

One prayerful way to show up to God, or I call it to “stay tuned” to God is the breath prayer. It is an ancient form of prayer used over the centuries as a way to keep God in the forefront of our day. Reading the Bible may not be possible while driving or cooking …

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Tithing and Giving

By Rev. Todd Davis Tithing and Giving are part of our response to “Stewardship.”  From the Christian’s perspective, everything we have is given to us by God – our time, health, environment, talents, relationships, property, and God’s Word, the Bible. Stewardship is the responsible sharing of God’s gifts to us. A steward is a person who …

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Walking the Labyrinth

A labyrinth is not a maze. A maze intends to trick, deceive, or trap the participant. A labyrinth is the opposite. Walking a labyrinth is meant to bring the participant along a path leading solely if not straightly, to the center, the hub, the heart of existence, of creation, of God. The same path, with …

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