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Lay Leadership

Admin for Lay Ministries


For questions about any of the Lay Leadership Ministries please contact

Tammy Fulmer tfulmer@umcsc.org  or 803-786-9486 ext. 313


Welcome to the South Carolina Conference Lay Leadership Page

Lay Leadership (formerly Board of Laity) exists so that the laity of the South Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church are equipped, empowered and inspired to enthusiastically make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. Lay Leadership strives to foster awareness of the role of laity and develop programs for leadership and spiritual development that will strengthen the local church, provide organization, direction and support for the growth of church leaders.

Welcome to the Lay Leadership Area

The South Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church has a long history of vibrant lay leadership and lay involvement in faithful ministries and missions. There is a strong tradition of enthusiastic lay leaders within the circles of the United Methodist Women, the United Methodist Men, Lay Servant ministries (formerly Lay Speaking), District Lay Leaders, District Connectional Ministries committees, UMVIM, camps and retreat ministries, Salkehatchie Summer Service, special needs ministries, and so many other lay-led groups. You will also find laity leading in areas such as serving on boards of campus ministry, educational institutions, our Methodist homes, mission trips, internships, local church councils and committees, statewide agencies, and the list could go on and on. As we move into a new era under the energetic leadership of Bishop Jonathan Holston, we move forward in forming effective partnerships between lay and clergy that result in making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. We need the spiritual guidance of our clergy; and they, likewise, need the assurance and leadership from faithful laity to move our local churches to the next level. Together we can be a conference dedicated to making a difference in this world.

Conference Lay Leader
Barbara Ware

Conference Associate Lay Leader
Donald Love

Conference Lay Leadership Secretary
Jenny Rawlings

Conference Cabinet Representatives (ex-officio)
Rev. Paul Harmon

Rev. Thomas Pearson

Mission of Lay Leadership Area

To create a culture of call by engaging, equipping, and empowering laity so that they might effectively partner with each other and their pastors to live out God’s call as they lead the church in transforming the world as disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

To work towards this goal, the Lay Leadership Area Committee has identified 4 primary themes:

Leadership Development

Lay Servant Ministry (formerly Lay Speaking)

Spiritual Formation

Stewardship Manual

District Lay Leaders

District Lay Leaders are a link to the local churches and their respective lay leaders within the District and are elected by the Annual Conference for a 4-year term. District Lay Leaders may also serve as important resources for local churches.

Anderson District
Jeff Fogle


Charleston District
David Braddon

Columbia District
Betty Void

Florence District
Dennis Sullen

Greenville District
Michael Cheatham

Greenwood District
Tony Watson


Hartsville District
Anna Feagin


Marion  District
Becky Green

Orangeburg District
Athaniel Badger


Rock Hill District
Bill Click

Spartanburg District
Rick Hammett


Walterboro District
Pamela Goodwine-Glover

Lay Leadership Area Ex-Officio Members

Conference Lay Servant (formerly Lay Speaking) Director

Jackie Jenkins

UMW President

Marlene Spencer

UMM President

Herman Lightsey


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