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Native American

The Native American Committee

Download the Native American Committee Brochure

The Native American committee members represent a number of Indian cultures and have a point of contact with other Native communities. Committee members are of Santee, Ojibwa, Cherokee, Wassamassaw, Catawba, Pee Dee, and Waccamaw heritage.

The Native American Committee of the SC United Methodist Church, which is a member of the Advocacy Group, was estab-lished in 1992. At that time ministries with the Native American population were almost non-existent. With the organization of the Native American Committee, this virtual ministry was implemented and placed under one jurisdiction. The parent organization of the NAC is the Southeastern Jurisdiction Agency for Native American Ministries at Lake Junaluska. Through SEJANAM the NAC is provided with training and support.

The Native American Committee seeks to: promote inclusion of Native Americans in the South Carolina Conference; explore and implement awareness of and appreciation for Native American presence, history, traditions, and spirituality; promote Native American Awareness Sunday in this conference and dispense the funds contributed on Native American Awareness Sun-day to ministries and community development in this Annual Conference and the Southeast Jurisdiction.

To schedule Native American Ministries Sunday:
Contact Tracy Pender at 803 905-5672 or tracypender@hotmail.com

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