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Hispanic/Latino Ministries

Hispanic/Latino Task Force looking for new members

 Want to reach Hispanic/Latino Ministries?


Hispanic/Latino Task Force

The Hispanic/Latino Task Force is a group established under the Ethnic Local Church Concerns Committee and was established in early 2015.

Our mission is to raise awareness, advocate and be in ministry with our Hispanic/Latino(a) brothers and sisters in Christ.

The members of the task force are:

  • Rev. Emily Sutton, chair, clergy (Rock Hill)
  • Rev. Enrique Gordon, vice chair, clergy (Greenville)
  • Jessica Brodie, secretary, laity (Columbia)
  • Rev. Robin Dease, cabinet representative, district superintendent (Hartsville)
  • Rev. Elizabeth Murray, congregational development representative, clergy (Columbia)
  • Rev. Kristin Dollar, clergy (Greenwood)
  • Alyssa Gillis, laity (Hartsville)
  • Rev. Shirley Gordon, clergy (Greenville)
  • Rev. Michael Hood, clergy (Columbia)
  • Rev. Keith Ray, clergy (Anderson)
  • Rev. Richard Reams, clergy (Anderson)
  • Rebekah Saveland, laity (Hartsville)
  • Rev. Matt Yon, clergy (Walterboro)


Statistics in South Carolina

233,988—Methodists in South Carolina (2013)

235,682—Hispanics in South Carolina (2010)

As of 2013, there were 319 Hispanic/Latino members of the South Carolina Annual Conference


Hispanic Latino growth PEW copy SC map Misison Insite edited copy

Strategy for Local Churches


2.Assess Community (Mission Insight, connect with schools employers, and local resources)

3.Assess church (willingness of congregation to embrace different cultures, openness to inclusivity, intercultural mindset)

4.Short-term study (Pentecost Journey, Immigrant Welcoming Communities)

5.Develop a plan for ministry

6.Who to contact to facilitate discussions (Elizabeth Murray eamurray@umcsc.org)

7.Pray some more

I don’t speak Spanish

  • Reach out to children
  • ESOL
  • Partner with schools
  • Partner Community Agencies (ie. PASOS – 6 locations around the state working with moms and children)


Whom do I contact?

The primary email contact for Hispanic/Latino Ministries is HispanicLatino@umcsc.org.

For questions regarding Hispanic/Latino ministry opportunities in South Carolina, contact the Rev. Elizabeth Murray at eamurray@umcsc.org or 404-538-4321

“Like” us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hispanicministriesumcsc

Follow us on Twitter: @hispanicminumsc

For more information about the National Plan for Hispanic/Latino Ministry of the United Methodist Church, go to http://nphlm.org/en/.


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