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Hulapalooza! Bishop Holston issues challenge to get moving, share videos

Get out your hula hoops, South Carolina United Methodists!

Whether it’s hula-hooping or any other activity, Bishop L. Jonathan Holston is challenging you and your church to get moving, get it on video, and share it with the world!

Watch Bishop Holston and his Cabinet hula-hooping!

It’s Bishop Holston’s way of encouraging United Methodists around the South Carolina Conference to participate in the global United Methodist Church’s Abundant Health initiative.

What is Abundant Health?

First off, it’s part of one of the UMC’s Four Areas of Focus, which express the vision and yearnings of the people of The United Methodist Church.

This area, Improving Global Health, acknowledges that there is limited access to adequate medical care around the world, so efforts like Imagine No Malaria have been working to improve the health of people, especially children.

Locally in the U.S., one goal is to raise awareness about the importance of doing physical activity regularly to improve our overall health and wellbeing.

Hula-hooping is a fun physical activity that is a tradition for children in many different countries, and people of all ages and ability levels can try it.

Bishop Holston and his Extended Cabinet got the ball rolling – or, rather, got the hula hoop rotating – earlier this month by recording their own “Hulapalooza” video. Now they want you and your church to show the world how you stay active.

Once you record your video, mark it with the hashtag #getmovingumcsc and post it on social media.


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