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  • Access statistical tables via ezra.gcfa.org.
  • Username is your church GCFA number.


We reset passwords in October 2017. Your pastor should have received an email with new log-in instructions. If you need assistance with your password, go to the login page and click the “Forgot Password?” link to request a password reset.

MSF Guide to W-2 & Statistics

2017 Statistics – Prepare for the new quadrennium (2017-20)

2016 Statistics


Problems printing reports / Problems with buttons

If you are having problems printing reports from the EZRA website (statistical tables), the issue may be with the Microsoft Edge browser that came with the Windows 10 update. Some possible solutions are:

  • Instead of clicking the Download link per usual, RIGHT CLICK on the link and select “Save As…” And then open the report from where you saved it. (This is the easiest solution.)
  • Switch to Explorer 11, which comes free with all Windows 10 systems
  • Install Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to use as your browser

If you are having trouble with buttons not working and such, this is possibly an Internet Explorer 10 issue and compatibility mode should work.  Please refer to the Internet Explorer message on this page for a solution.

Internet Explorer and Statistics Website

If you are having problems using Internet Explorer to access the statistics website (ezra.gcfa.org), you may want to enable compatibility mode.  To do this, launch Internet Explorer and navigate to ezra.gcfa.org.  Go to the menu bar, select Tools | Compatibility View settings.  Add gcfa.org to the Compatibility View websites by clicking the Add button.  Click the Close button. 

If you continue to have problems, you may want to consider using an alternative browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox.

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