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Cross and Flame
Church Contact Information

   Pastor: Cy Rogers   
Message from the Pastor:
Tired of attending a church where neither the preacher nor the person sitting next to you knows your name? Tired of a cookie cutter type Bible study where you fill in the blanks and the source of the study is four states and twenty years away? Tired of a church where professionals perform, or where people go just because hundreds of other people go. Tired of a church where what people wear outside matters more than what they wear inside, then John Wesley is your church. These three promises I make if you come to John Wesley. First, God will challenge. Second, you will grow through the living of your faith. Third, you will be loved when you are there, and missed when you are not.
Welcome to John Wesley United Methodist Church. We invite you to visit us. We believe you will find a warm fellowship of Christians who are seeking to bring the words of the gospel into the actions of life. We are a growing congregation on the westside of Anderson. We are every age from toddler to senior. We are single persons and married couples with young children.

Besides our Sunday morning church school and worship, we have two active United Methodist Women groups, and frequent fellowship events. We are engaged with our community through support of events like Relay for Life and a Community Thanksgiving Meal for those who have little.

       Additional Pastor(s):   Carol Burdette  
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Where We Are
Church Physical Address 
523 Stone Drive    
Anderson, SC  29625
Church Mailing Address 
ANDERSON, SC  29625 
Worship Times:
10:15 AM

Sunday School Times:
9:15 AM


Anderson District